Travel Tips

Paraguay is like many countries.  Our country is filled with amazing people who are kind, patient, loving and trustworthy.  But our country has its share of corruption and criminals who are looking to take advantage of their fellow human.  Today we want to discuss some practical steps that can be taken to ensure safety when traveling Paraguay or anywhere for that matter.

Travel in a group.

Traveling with other people is safer.  Someone with bad intentions is less likely to approach a larger group when they see an single individual roaming the streets by themselves.

Hire a local Guide

Hiring a local guide not only increases your safety, but it also improves your experience.  Local guides can guide you to the best food, shops, and experiences.  Plus many times they can also help you find better deals and know what is a quality local product compared to what might be a tourist trap.  On a recent trip I took myself I booked a local guide.  He was a local business owner for a window cleaning company in Burbank Ca.  He provided valuable insights and guided me to some great food.  One of my favorites being a bakery called Porto’s.

Plan Ahead

By putting together a plan it will prevent you from looking like you are lost or unaware or your surrounding.  By planning ahead you can also complete some due diligence and more consistently avoid unsafe neighborhoods.  When I traveled to Los Angeles, I learned first hand the importance of planning ahead.  When I was first looking for hotels to book I almost booked a cheap hotel but then realized it was in an unsafe neighborhood.  By planning ahead I found an affordable place to stay but more importantly a safe place to stay.