Finding local food hotspots

When traveling some of the best experiences are about finding great food.  After all a key part of experiencing the local culture is about trying some of the local food.  In some communities this can be as easy as using yelp to find the highest rated restaurants.

But I have come to learn that not all the gems in a local community can be found on yelp.  Here are some of the ways both in Paraguay and around the world I have found some of my favorite meals.

First you have to be willing to explore.  If you wont risk a potentially terrible meal you may be unable to find the truly amazing meals. I have had my share of that is disgusting I cannot believe I just ate that type of meals.  But some of my favorite meals have come as a result of me being willing to try new things that otherwise I may have passed by.

I can still remember the first time I had sushi.  Today I love fresh water eel, but i doubt I would have been willing to try it if some one told me it was eel before I tasted it.  What are some of your favorite meals that you almost didn’t try?

Ask the locals what their favorite restaurant is.  This is one of my favorites.  When locals are willing to make a recommendation it usually is based from multiple great experiences.  Plus I have found locals tend to take a certain amount of pride in their local community and they want you to have a good experience.